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I’m so fucking sick of people being all offended at fatness. I am sick of people expecting fat people to hide themselves away out of public sight, never being seen at the shops, at the gym, in the workplace, on the street. I’ve had enough of people complaining that they saw someone’s fat arse, arms, belly, thighs, whatever. I’m tired of being told that fat people should cover our bodies, wear dark, minimising, flattering clothing. That we shouldn’t be seen in leggings, tights, sleeveless tops, short shirts, tight jeans, swimsuits and short skirts. I’m sick of fat people being told they should starve themselves, never eat. I’m royally fucking fed up with being expected to hide myself away like I’m something to be ashamed of. I’m over being hated simply because I exist in a fat body.

2012: The Year of Living Fatly « Fat Heffalump  (via feministsbakecupcakestoo)

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In other words….he raped her.

In other words…he raped her to assert dominance over her and objectify her and treat her like his possession. 

“forcefully had sex”

Ugh, fuck that sugar-coated language.  Nobody will call it rape because it’s Elvis Presley, but…it’s rape.  According to this, Elvis was a rapist.  Cope however you fucking want in hearing this, but don’t sugar-coat what happened.

Because in initiating sex with someone, no force should be used.  I don’t mean the actual sexual practices, but initiating it.  Getting consent.  if they meant they had rough sex, the wording would have reflected that no problem.  There also isn’t any “force” used in rough sex either, if it’s consensual.  But “forcefully had sex” is clearly weasel language.

One time this woman in a bar called him a “son of a bitch,” so he threw a pool cue at her and damaged her breast, she had to go to the hospital and have surgery to repair it.

This book is where I get my information. It’s been many years since I read it, I don’t remember all the shitty details, but I remember that one.

In addition to being sexist, he was racist and homophobic as well.

Priscilla’s autobiography is probably where the most of that wikipedia section comes from. And yes, he did rape her. She makes that very clear. (Read that one too, those years ago, while I was an Elvis fan. These two books managed to cure me of that.)

Also Priscilla was very young when she met him. I forget…14, I see, wikipedia has listed. 

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